What is Walk to Read?

     Students are tested at the beginning of each year using the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) testing system along with other reading assessments given by the classroom teachers.  From these assessments, teachers are able to make reading goals for each of their students.  Students with similar needs/goals are grouped together to receive direct instruction on specific reading skills.  Each day, students meet in Walk to Read classes with an instructor(s) to receive high-quality instruction and intervention based on individual student strengths and needs.  The Reading Specialist, Title 1 Teachers, Educational Assistants, ELL Teachers, and Special Education Teachers work alongside the classroom teachers to help support small group instruction with students in some of the classrooms.  All children receive 30 minutes of whole group instruction from the classroom teacher based on the weekly story and comprehension skill.  The next hour of reading incorporates small group instruction with reading, phonetic, or writing skills.  Students identified as being below grade-level benchmarks are monitored for progress on a weekly or biweekly basis and receive small group instruction.  Students achieving above grade-level benchmarks receive enrichment activities and instruction to help meet their needs.  Benchmark assessments are also given at the middle and end of the year to evaluate student growth and instructional needs. These Walk to Read classes may change periodically depending on student progress or needs.