Weekly Spelling Words--List A

Weeks 1-3 Weeks 4-6 Weeks 7-9 Weeks 10-12 Weeks 13-15
Weeks 16-18 Weeks19-21 Weeks 22-24 Weeks 25-27 Weeks 28-30
















Week 1-Back to Top Week 2 Week 3
sad page stop
tag size strap
sack late state
desk race hand
mess nose clip
list fine twin
rib huge brave
rock rice stream
job space breeze
chop mice nest
dust blaze ask
drum vote mask

















Week 4-Back to Top Week 5 Week 6
dropped that hard
dropping wish born
excited patch horse
exciting when before
lifted what more
lifting math smart
hugged them farm
hugging shape porch
smiled whale corn
smiling itch chore
talked chase score
talking bunch part

















Week 7-Back to Top Week 8 Week 9
can't person lunch
it's nurse lunches
he's dirt story
I'm turn stories
didn't birth tune
who's serve tunes
she's curb switch
aren't curl switches
isn't skirt baby
haven't purse babies
hadn't turtle note
I'll her notes

















Week 10-Back to Top Week 11 Week 12
main read goat
wait deep hold
say wheel show
away sleep most
play feet bowl
raise seat float
brain leave toast
paint teeth ago
stay easy open
today party told
tray windy toad
tail team slow

















Week 13-Back to Top Week 14 Week 15
basketball find sooner
someone child soonest
weekend sky hotter
something bright hottest
birthday wild busier
riverbank fly busiest
bathtub right happier
backyard flight happiest
driveway spider smaller
bedtime cry smallest
raindrop blind fatter
mailbox myself          fattest

















Week 16-Back to Top Week 17 Week 18
ankle put around
title cook out
apple stood gown
cable full sound
purple wood howl
able July flower
bugle shook toy
bundle push noise
bubble pull royal
giggle brook coil
sparkle book moist
tickle hood cow

















Week 19-Back to Top Week 20 Week 21
downstairs too slowly
houseboat new graceful
boyhood fruit visitor
roadway blue yearly
football true fighter
railroad fool sailor
oatmeal suit cheerful
outplay spoon weekly
cowboy clue quickly
rainbow juice hardly
soybean drew teacher
daydream flew helper

















Week 22-Back to Top Week 23 Week 24
unsafe knock phone
preheat sign enough
rerun knee backtrack
disappear wrong laugh
unlock write ticket
discolor climb duckling
rewind wrap graph
unpack wren tough
unplug gnat photo
regroup lamb rough
preschool comb cough
disagree knob clang

















Week 25-Back to Top Week 26 Week 27
talk tried Dec.
because trying St.
August planned Mr.
caught planning Nov.
draw liked Dr.
walk liking Jan.
chalk skipped Ms.
auto skipping Rd.
taught heavier Feb.
thaw heaviest Mrs.
fault lighter Aug.
launch lightest Oct.

















Week 28-Back to Top Week 29 Week 30
mixture helpless midair
nation thankless misplace
section darkness mislead
future useless midway
picture kindness misprint
action fitness midday
caution fearless midweek
station careless misbehave
fixture weakness midyear
motion goodness mismatch
nature sadness misdeed
feature sickness         mistake